Here at Snugbug we spend far more time thinking about hats than really is healthy.

We think your hat should be a part of your look and not an afterthought – so we select contemporary styles and use unusual and interesting yarns and knits.

We think that being cozy and looking coordinated should easy – so we offer a range of colours and patterns in each style.

And we think you’re grown up enough to not want to be a walking billboard for any brand – so our only external branding is a simple discrete Snugbug icon.

We take great care to select the headwear that will make you feel happy as well as look great!

Snugbug is based in beautiful North Northumberland. Surrounded by hills and rolling moorland, deserted sandy beaches beaches and the wild North Sea, we are used to living our lives outdoors. We are all hill walkers, climbers, mountain bikers, windsurfers, kite fliers and dog walkers – and as such we all know the value of a really great hat.

Snugbug knitted products are hand made in Nepal using 100% wool. This is so much nicer than the petro chemical derived Acrylic fibres, usually sourced from China that most other brands use. The wool we use has lovely natural feel and a quality look and even a quality smell! What you can smell is the naturally occurring lanolin which makes the hat repel rain and snow really well. Lanolin is found in high quality wool, such as the New Zealand wool which we use. All the head gear is lined with fleece for extra warmth on the hill.

Happy workers make cosier knitwear… we know this because Snugbug believe in trade and not aid to help one of the poorest countries in the world. Working in a light and airy space on a regular basis with a busy and fun atmosphere installs self worth and pride into the beautiful people of Nepal.

Our hand knitters are the best at what they do and many have been with us for years as we pay higher than the average wage for doing a similar job. We encourage collective bargaining and freedom of association, and working conditions are safe and hygienic.

Look after your Snugbug headwear and it’ll keep your chilly bits warm for years in your local woods or on the roof of the world ,…… and what’s more you’ll look great every time you put it on!